When asked by the BBC to produce a jersey for them we were very excited. An opportunity like this doesn’t often come about. So we collated the relevant logos and looked closely at their branding sheets trying to hard to be creative about the idents that they use on the telly. We came up with various suggestions and sent them off to be perused.

BBC  1

BBC sketch 2



When the comments came back we were surprised that one of the comments said that the logo looked to similar to the BBC logo? Ah! Peering closer it wasn’t THE BBC but the BBC- the Burley Bike Club. This wasn’t a disappointment at all, in fact its probably better, as we would be able to see our jerseys close to home, whizzing up and down the dale. More up than down it seems!


We are really hoping that we get the order and get to see the flash of red and white ‘burning’ up the roads

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