Spadgers 6day Night

We are very proud to announce that we will be selling commemorative jerseys for the inaugural Spadgers 6day Night event at Manchester Velodrome on the 14 0r Dec 2013.

This is a unique event in support of the memory of the life of  Lewis (Spadger) Barry, whose favorite event was the Madison, the main feature event of the 6 day concept. Lewis was a keen and budding cyclist who was following in his parents footsteps on the trail of becoming a regular Great Britain squad member.

Lewis unfortunately died entirely unexpectedly on 29th June 2011 aged only 15 from SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome).

Spadger 1a


This is the Jersey that you can wear to show support that cycling gives to Cry you can find it for sale here

To find out more about the night please click Spadgers6day Night

We are also providing the Madison jerseys on the night. There will be 15 teams of 2 riders making 3 jersey styles in 5 colourways.


These will also be available prior to the night on pre order. Coming soon.

The list of male riders female riders & sprinters on this night would grace a Nationals event

Please do show your support and but tickets to what will be fantastic evening.




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