Road biking, who’d of thought?

Willy Debosscher was known as ‘The Clown of the Track’ because he would do various tricks such as riding with his feet steering around the six-day track. He would often ride properly head down ‘kissing’ the frontwheel. During Devils he would ride daringly close to the back of the field and play dangerous games of split second timing to just edge out the 2nd last rider, much to the amusement of the crowd. These antics were generally frowned upon by the consigneti as trifling with the gravity of bike racing. I dont really remember anybody since doing such unusual tricks, perhaps the odd ‘oddball’ would do a wheelie now and again to make his mates laugh but very few and far between.

Willy d D  With the intermingling and crossing  over of the road and mountian biking sides of cycling things have been getting a bit more Debosscheresque lately. Take Sagans antics in the tour of Wheelying after the end of a stage. His ‘endo-ing’ at the Cannondale team presentation and, very daringly, actually wheelying across the finish line in salute of winning the Ghent – Wevelgem at the weekend.

It seems that the latest ponchant for acting the goat, as my Father would put it, has gone a stage further with the full on film of acting the goat ‘Road bike party’ featuring the very handy Martyn Ashton. Its very very good and the whoop of joy at the end says it all.

Enjoy the film  Road party

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