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Personalised Jersey – Tagging

There is now a trend for jerseys to have the name of nickname of the rider wearing it on the side panel facing the crowds and more importantly the TV cameras. Started by Sky, it gives a real identity to a rider, more often than not, covered by a helmet and the ubiquitous face hiding sunglasses.Spirit Sky

Taken up by Old/New boys Team Blanco, it seems that this is more than just a trend its the future for custom jerseys.Spirit Blanco

We at Spirit can not only provide that service on each and every customised jersey that your team orders we can put on any single item. Jerseys, shorts, skinsuits, bibtights, arm and leg warmers are not immune from the ‘tagging’ (Ive just decided to call it that). We can even put photos of your very own mugshot into the design. Like Ive always said anything is possible in Spirit-world!!

This is a special for ICC rider Paul Di Mambro. Looking pimped!Ilkley Cycling Club

Call to discuss the endless possibilities available.


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