Fad Lads on Bikes

Theres a great charity we are supporting next year, Fat Lads on Bikes

Fat LAds Logo redTheir aim is simple `Our Goal is to continue to raise as much money as we can for Ward 14 patient cancer care Unit at The James Cook University Hospital` says founding member Neal Bullock. `We are riding the C2C and running the GNR in 2015 for South Tees Hospitals Charity because #itsallaboutWard14 E118 @ James Cook Hospital`

`You never expect it to happen to you do you? Normal lads, living normal lives, a traditional, and typical, ‘Boro’ family. Hearing the devastating news that someone you love dearly has the dreaded ‘C’, your life changes immediately. Sometimes the change is sadly for the worst and for some, thankfully, the better.`

We are happy to produce 6 differing designs for them to offer as a competition for their followers to choose the kit they will ride in on the day! to view all the kits click here

here are the top 2 at the moment

top 2 Fat lads

They are sponsored by

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